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  • All in one solution
  • Repair, Renew, Repeat
  • Antioxidants
  • Fights Free Radicals
  • Improve Hair, Skin, Nails*
  • Complete Nourishment*

Hair Skin and Nails

Complete Nutritional Matrix


Anti Age + Beauty Sleep Bundle

Bundle, Save and Upgrade Your Beauty Routine


Gluten Free
Cruelty Free
GMP Facility
Finest Ingredients
Made in USA

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Glamour Nutrition

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Camila Keiser

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Love spell is a great product! I suffered from depression for many years and of course that has been a big impact in my libido. I knew my hormone levels were not good and I had to get away from meds to something more natural. I found this product by accident on youtube and gave it a try... first week I felt so much better , my mood swings were under control and I felt happier (they say improves mood, it really does). Second week I started to feel more active. Third week my libido increased and I started to feel good to go out. Fourth week my confidence increased tremendously because I felt better from within. I really loved this one month experience with LOVE SPELL. Highly recommend it!

Less irritable

Kylie Mc

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I started taking love spell a week before my period, I felt much better and less irritated even tough this is not a claim they make. After about 4 weeks of usage my libido has increased and I got back to a healthy sex life. It does take time but it works! I'm gonna be taking this for a long time.

delicious shot

Maya F.

[ Beauty Shot ] love the taste!


cassie freeman

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Love spell really works

omg was I living under a rock????

Christina Gonzalez

[ Glamour Collagen ] jesus girls, my life changed after taking collagen ! what are you waiting for

can't live without it

Mariah K

[ Glamour Collagen ] Colllagen is life!

Love Spell

Sandy K

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I received these while my husband was out of town and couldn’t wait for him to get back! They did exactly what I thought and hoped for. My husband and I are very pleased.

Can’t Wait

Jada Simms

[ Glamour Love Spell ] A friend recommended Love spell to me a couple months ago. I was hesitant in ordering it at first but after spending the holidays with her and her boyfriend and seeing the spark they had between them back and stronger than ever- I rushed to order mine. I can’t wait for it to come in.

Love Spell

Isabella J. Thomas

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I didn’t really notice much of a difference right away but around day 5 I initiated sex with my husband (which I haven’t done in quite a while) THANKS! Having more sex

Love Spell

Nora Hawkins

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Ok I can’t remember how long it’s been since we had sex more than once during the day. I starting taking Love Spell and again had sex twice last Saturday.

Love Spell

Sharlene Hullens

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I ordered this after reading a lot of positive reviews. I was excited to receive it and try it. I am sad to report that I am still on the fence with this product. One time I took it and I felt something and the next time I actually felt drowsy which is the opposite of what I was expecting. I am hopeful for better results so I’ll continue taking them. Fingers crossed.

Love Spell

Mary from N.Y

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Best libido enhancer

Love Spell

H. Marks

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Great product! My hubby is a very happy man!

Love Spell

Mika S., TX

[ Glamour Love Spell ] So by accident Love Spell became the topic of conversation during my last “Girls night in” party. My second box was delivered that day and was still on my counter. My neighbor friend asked me what it was for and suddenly all attention was on me and Love Spell. Long story short…You should be seeing a spike in orders from the Dallas area 

It works but…


[ Glamour Love Spell ] It works but I don’t know if this is a long term thing or how long the effects last in my body. I need to read up on it more.


Eugina Black

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I was expecting fireworks and that didn’t happen. I noticed a tingling sensation but not really as much as I hoped for. I will continue to take them to see what happens and If I feel differently I’ll change the amount of stars I gave it, but for now…2 stars.

Fast results

Nicola M.

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I did not expect fast result but in the very first week I observed major changes within my sex life I am very happy to report that my libido has increased and I even experience multiple orgasms. This product is awesome.

Changed my Sex life

Brianna Barnes

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Love Spell has changed my sex life completely. My mood has gotten better and I feel like I have a ton more energy throughout the entire day. I couldn’t be happier and my relationship has improved immensely I think this is by far the best product I have ever used.

Happy customer

Ginny Mae Cornwall

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I was not expecting to see results right away since I read somewhere that it could take a little time to get in your system. I don’t know if it is because of my age (under 30), but I noticed a difference almost immediately! I am very happy with this product and now I am planning on ordering the Collagen 

Love it

Ayana P.

[ Glamour Love Spell ] These are great!! I love how they make me feel. I will recommend Love Spell to my friends.

Love Spell

Kim H.

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Great product, Great price and now…Great sex!

Love Spell

Heidi Davenport

[ Glamour Love Spell ] Why am I giving this product 3 stars? Because I was expecting results immediately and it took almost a week and a half before I really started noticing a difference. It works but took too long.

It works

Tammy H

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I love my husband more than I can say but Lately I haven’t been able to get sexually aroused I am way too young for this kind of thing to happen to me so I ordered a box of Love Spell. I felt I didn’t have anything to lose if they didn’t work and a whole lot to gain if they did work. I am happy to say, and my husband is even happier to say they did! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!


Sue and James

[ Glamour Love Spell ] I ordered Love Spell and through my research on the product realized the same company has a male sexual enhancer as well, Ere Force. That’s a winning pair. You guys are the best!

Glamour Collagen

Jenny H.

[ Glamour Collagen ] I wish they had it in more flavors. Its delicious but the same flavor every day gets boring.

Glamour Collagen

Lara Nash

[ Glamour Collagen ] Love it! Not five stars because I think the box should have more than just 15 sticks.

Glamour Collagen

marie nicolette

[ Glamour Collagen ] I tried this at a club (yes NYC clubs knows how to entice you!) and I mixed it with my drink tasted delicious and been a fan ever since

Glamour Collagen

Anna Wilkinson

[ Glamour Collagen ] Part of my routine , drink it every day while walking my dog and I see visible difference, less wrinkles, smoother skin, thicker hair and better digestion. I recommend any brand’s collagen to anyone who has doubts.

Glamour Collagen

Nancy Ryder

[ Glamour Collagen ] Had problems with my skin all my life, rosacea, acne you name it. I surely changed my diet but after I tried collagen (not just this brand) my skin was a different animal (sorry skin to call you that :) but its so true! Even my cellulite disappeared which surprises me a lot! I never even realized that could happen. Anyways I’m a big fan of collagen, I tried many brands, this seems to be the best quality as they also add the vitamin C.

Glamour Collagen

Pam S.

[ Glamour Collagen ] To get old is no fun, age hits everyone. This glamour collagen is my little secret.

Beauty sleep

Kurt F.

[ Glamour Beauty Sleep ] Fantastic slept like a baby


Cordera Harris

[ Glamour Beauty Sleep ] was looking for a good sleep pill and this works beautiful for my lifestyle as I prefer natural alternatives

Battling insomnia

Karina N.

[ Glamour Beauty Sleep ] Super insomnia here! Every nite only a few hours of sleep and bags under my eyes started to show. Desperately tried many pills and this one is the best so far, its natural and powerful.

skin’s saver


[ Glamour Beauty Sleep ] Saw a significant difference in my skin after 2 weeks of usage

How to get rid of bags under eyes

Nadya K.

[ Glamour Beauty Sleep ] First order the beauty sleep and wait for about a week and a half After sleeping well and letting the antioxidants work on your skin THEY SHOULD DISAPPEAR - its no joke , this works

Great customer service

Mandy F.

[ Glamour Beauty Sleep ] I called the number on the bottle and the girl on the phone was so sweet and nice, she answered all my annoying questions about the products I purchased and we even laughed together at some girly jokes!