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Glamour Nutrition was created to inspire women worldwide to reclaim their inner beauty and celebrate their individuality and strength.

As a unique nutricosmetic line, Glamour Nutrition delivers products that celebrate the every-day woman. Whether you want to relax, invest in your physical health, or improve your overall appearance, Glamour Nutrition is there every step of the way to support you as you embrace your inner beauty and build your confidence.

Glamour Nutrition brand is part of the group of companies that forms one of the largest sports nutrition brands in the world, Midway International Labs. With extensive international presence, professionals working in every continent and intensive research and development to back up product quality, Midway Labs is synonymous of quality and trust. With renowned scientists on the team such as Dr. Raposo who was former president of ANVISA (The health Agency Organization in Brazil), Dr. Turíbio physiologist and highly acclaimed nutritionists such as Gerseli Angeli Master and PhD in Sports Science – UNIFESP and Member of the American College of Medicine.

Always supporting sports and the fitness lifestyle, Midway Labs has sponsored over 1,000 events including professional race car competitions, bodybuilding competitions, IFBB competitions, MMA events, volleyball teams, soccer teams and much more. Serious athletes and celebrities have also partnered up with Midway Labs.

Glamour Nutrition was born out of the idea that women have different nutritional and skin care needs than men do, so it’s obvious that women need special attention in the nutritional world. With that in mind, Catherine Colle together with other women at the Glamour Nutrition Team created a dedicated line of beauty from within supplements with the finest ingredients.

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Catherine ColleCatherine Colle
Catherine Colle

Glamour Nutrition.” It is a revolutionary new line of supplements, specially formulated for women featuring a wide variety of products meant for weight loss, hair, nails, and skin. The products comprise of innovative, safe, premium and ultra-concentrated beautifying FDA approved ingredients, which deliver the optimum result within a short period of time, all formulated by our scientific council.

What inspired you to start Glamour Nutrition?

The idea of starting a nutricosmetics line came to me by accident! After high school, I accepted an invitation to model and go to acting school in Los Angeles via Wunder Models for a year. While there I met many models and industry professionals, every audition we had to go in fresh-faced without makeup and to my surprise a lot of the models didn’t have good skin or hair. They always asked me what did I do to have such flawless skin and long thick hair. I said “supplements”. I gave them my routine of ingredients and it worked, they saw the results and that’s when I realized a big opportunity to fulfill a real need. Its just goes to show you that when you least expect you can turn situations into opportunities.

In an interview with The Asian Entrepreneur, Catherine Colle explained how she received the insight for creating the Glamour Nutrition line.

“When I got invited to be part of the agency Wunder Models in Los Angeles, I was a little skeptical because I couldn’t imagine myself just taking pictures for a living, but seeing that whole other side of the entertainment business gave me great insight about what woman truly want. I noticed majority of the models had bad skin and teeth and that surprised me. I was one of the few that didn’t need that much make up and mainly because I took supplements my whole life. I started to see an opportunity for a niche in the industry and looked at our own line of products to see how could we better communicate with woman. After one year modeling I decided to go back to my real passion and built my own brand: Glamour Nutrition.”

The vice-president of Midway Labs USA also spoke a bit about her career as head of one of the largest sports nutrition brands in the world. She talked about entrepreneurship, long-term goals, market challenges, and gave some invaluable tips.

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